Poster de la serie My Undead Yokai Girlfriend

My Undead Yokai Girlfriend


Année : 2024

Nombre de saisons : 1

Durée moyenne d'un épisode : 35 minutes

Genre(s) : Action, Comédie, Fantastique, Romance

Shot in the traditional and beautiful city of Kyoto, My Undead Yokai Girlfriend depicts the extraordinary Japanese folklore of ‘Yokai’ and ‘Otaku’, as a strange relationship of love and mystery is sparked between a lonely college student Tadashi who wants nothing more than to find a girlfriend, and Izzy, a Yokai girl who accidentally finds herself bonded to him through a magical hex. But the quirky love story takes an unexpected and gripping twist as the true intention of Izzy is to exact revenge on a human family for an incident from over 500 years ago.


My Undead Yokai Girlfriend saison 1

Saison 1


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Épisode 1 - Meet Creepy-Cute

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

College student Hachi is fed up with his life and seeking a change, leading him and his best friend Tanuki to perform a strange ritual they discover online. The next day, the mysterious “Izzy” arrives in his life.

Épisode 2 - Happy Death Ritual

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

After Hachi stumbles upon Izzy’s first murder scene, he and Tanuki hatch a plan to banish her from the mortal plane. Meanwhile, Hachi’s father, Detective Inukai, is assigned the murder case.

Épisode 3 - Ground Rules

22 mars 2024 - 4/5

Izzy is injured in a fight with her old, undead nemesis. Hachi must figure out how to save her. But to do so, he needs to know the truth of Izzy’s mission. Detective Inukai’s investigation deepens.

Épisode 4 - Baiting and Dating

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

Izzy’s hunt for her next target takes her to Hachi’s university and his circle of friends. Detective Inukai’s investigation leads him to a shadowy group of corporate leaders.

Épisode 5 - Happy Birthday, Detective Inukai

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

While Hachi and Izzy search for a way to continue her mission without killing, Detective Inukai and Sargeant Suzuki discover the corpse of a missing student. Things come to a head at Detective Inukai’s surprise birthday party.

Épisode 6 - Broken Dreams

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

An enraged Izzy attacks her next target while Hachi desperately tries to stop her from killing again. Detective Inukai finds his son is involved.

Épisode 7 - Premonition of a Storm

22 mars 2024 - 3/5

With Izzy missing, Hachi is confronted by his father about his involvement in the killings. Meanwhile, Hachi’s friends are attacked by Izzy’s enemies, who are searching for her.

Épisode 8 - If You Love Someone...

22 mars 2024 - 4/5

Izzy’s friends and enemies collide in a final battle, but only Hachi can change the course of their bond.


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