Poster de la serie Luz : Les lueurs du cœur

Luz : Les lueurs du cœur

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Année : 2024

Nombre de saisons : 1

Durée moyenne d'un épisode : 33 minutes

Genre(s) : Aventure, Enfant, Drame, Famille, Soap

Élevée par une famille kaingang bienveillante, Luz, jeune écolière éprise d'aventure, part avec son ami luciole à la découverte de ses origines.


Luz : Les lueurs du cœur saison 1

Saison 1


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Épisode 1 - The Girl and the Firefly

7 février 2024 - 4.2/5

Luz is welcomed into and raised as an equal in the Kaingang community. But a secret between Gá and Baltazar could change it all.

Épisode 2 - A Light at the End of the Tunnel

7 février 2024 - 3.8/5

Joca shows Luz around the school. However, keeping her a secret becomes challenging when Sabina won't stop asking questions.

Épisode 3 - Fire! Fire!

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

Marcos meets Luz and tries to earn her trust. Joca's fire story grabs unexpected — and unwanted — attention, especially from Principal Isabela.

Épisode 4 - A Flame That Never Goes Out

7 février 2024 - 5/5

After meeting Gá, Marcos finds out all about Luz's past. Sabina pushes Joca to tell the truth about his friend, leading to a big revelation.

Épisode 5 - The Teacher's Indigenous Cousin

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

Baltazar follows a lead in his investigation. Otávio accidentally tells Principal Isabela about Luz.

Épisode 6 - A Singular Student

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

When inspectors visit Prex, Principal Isabela faces a tough decision about Luz. Marcos and Joca have a plan to help her make the right choice.

Épisode 7 - Light the Way

7 février 2024 - 4.7/5

Nic gets in the way of Sabina's evil plan. Marcos and Dora buy new clothes for Luz, who feels pressured to take official photos for the school website.

Épisode 8 - Number One

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

Luz makes a bold move to avoid posing for Prex's website photos. Baltazar questions Isabela. Carlos tries to intimidate Gá's family.

Épisode 9 - A Dark Night

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

Luz searches for a photo of her grandfather. Marcos goes on a date with Fernanda. Over the weekend, the kids gather to share stories around the fire.

Épisode 10 - Found Among the Fireflies

7 février 2024 - 4.3/5

Dora reminisces about her past. Chaos breaks loose during the school's play. Marcos and Dora search for Luz.

Épisode 11 - The Light That Never Goes Out

7 février 2024 - 4/5

Dora persuades Luz to return to school. Carlos instructs Valéria to deal with Baltazar. Principal Isabela makes a decision regarding the fourth grade.

Épisode 12 - The Storyteller

7 février 2024 - 4/5

New students join the fourth grade, but not everyone's happy about it. Valéria snoops around Dora's bookshop, and Otávio has a big talk with his mother.

Épisode 13 - You Are Never Alone

7 février 2024 - 4/5

Carlos pays a visit to the bookshop. Gael asks Dora an important question. Meanwhile, Cadu and Sabina compete to become fourth-grade class president.

Épisode 14 - They've Seen the Light

7 février 2024 - 4/5

Dora's storytelling activity leads to a family reunion. Baltazar confronts Valéria. Marcos tells Luz a secret about her family that changes everything.

Épisode 15 - The Secret

7 février 2024 - 3/5

After hearing shocking news, Luz starts to feel unwell. Gael's ambitious plans don't go as expected. Otávio and Sabina take the stage in art class.

Épisode 16 - Clues

7 février 2024 - 3/5

Marcos looks into Luz's father's past. Carlos shares his plans to buy the bookshop, and Dora remembers a special gift from a past love.

Épisode 17 - The Firefly Necklace

7 février 2024 - 3/5

Lia grows anxious about the art competition while Nic plots a revolution. Luz attempts to visit Dora at the bookshop, but someone gets in her way.

Épisode 18 - Monster Grandpa

7 février 2024 - 3/5

Luz makes a special request to Lia, and Sabina steps up to help a friend. Meanwhile, Gael resorts to desperate measures to clear his debts.

Épisode 19 - Parents and Children

7 février 2024 - 5/5

Dora tells Marcos she needs some time near her family. The kids don't like having their performance displayed at school — it's time to take action.

Épisode 20 - The Firefly and the Stars

7 février 2024 - 5/5

Marcos reveals the truth about Luz's past to Dora. Principal Isabela springs into action after a meeting, and friends and families reunite at last.



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